Geib Butter Cut Supra 6.5″ Curve


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Geib Butter Cut Supra 6.5″  – Finishing Curved Blade Scissor.

Satin finish Japanese Cobalt with a Rose Gold effect locked pivot screw gives Supra a look of distinction. Nice gentle curve with a highly polished beveled edge making this perfect for round heads. Blade built on light weight swedge back. Short ergonomic shank with flared tang to aid balance. Small bows designed for a small delicate hand. Double tang makes this ‘flip-able’ to aid in styling.

Light in weight, smooth action, beautifully balanced.

Blade length nearly 3″    Actual Scissor Length nearly 6.5″  Total Scissor Length inclusive of double tang just on 7″

This finishing Scissor was designed for professionals to finish heads on fine to medium coats. Perfect preparation of the coats is necessary and the coat must be in good condition. Requires good Scissor technique and skills to make the most of such a great product. Please Note – Right handed use only

Supra is a great value Finishing Scissor that is light in weight for use on well prepared coats, to put on that final finish. Perfect for smaller dogs. I love this model as it will perform well for someone with smaller hands that is a delicate and precise worker. This finisher requires respectful use and should not be used for thickness or density.