TSB Diadem – Extreme Curve (Crufts Special)


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Extreme curved blade with length for finish – on an offset shapely shank with an integral tang. For specialist effect styling.

High polish finish and light weight, well balanced in the hand. Tamperproof pivot screw. This design is perfect for stylish voluptuous curves as seen on Poodles and Bichons. The fine edge is perfect for the finest of finish. A Scissor for the skilled stylist, perfect for Chrysanthemum heads, Mushroom heads, creating Crown & Tiara top knots. Ideal for exaggerating angulation, creating the perfect peachy bum and more!

Extreme curve blade length approximately 4″ – Actual scissor length 7.75″ – Total scissor length including tang 8.5

For Right Handed Use Only


Something very special for stylish curves and really eye catching shapely grooms. Perfect for competition and show grooms. Owing to the specification of this Scissors it is for advanced skilled stylists on perfectly prepared coats. This Scissors is not designed to cut round feet or to be used on anything that has not been freshly and beautifully prepared. Misuse of this Scissor will result in edge damage.