Geib Butter Cut Gator Convex 8.5″ LEFTY

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Geib Butter Cut Gator Convex 8.5″ – LEFTY

This model of Gator is a superb value fine convex finishing Scissor. Short in the shank which is slightly offset for added comfort. super smooth action. Fine finishing edge with a super fine micro serration on the very edge for added versatility.

Perfect for well prepared fine to medium coats.

Blade length around 4″   Actual scissor length 8″   Total length just over 8.5″ in full including the curvaceous finger rest.


Popular model for those starting to finish with real pride and skill, and wanting to keep within a reasonable budget. Mike Says: Specialist Servicing & Sharpening required for this model. Welcome in my workshop as I love to Sharpen & Service Geib and put the Butter Cut feeling back.