Geib Butter Cut Blue Breeze Chunker 14T LEFTY


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The House of Geib presents you the ultimate Blue Breeze Chunker (Lefty) with a true “Butter Cut” feel.

Designed for specific and specialist use by Experienced Professionals. A favourite with competition winning Groomers as this tool can enhance the very best of finishes. Fashioned to fit the hand with ergonomic design, slightly offset shank, superb balance and quality feel. Single sided fine convex blade coupled with 14 tooth hammer head teeth. Gilt Furnishings include adjustable pivot screw and gilt removable finger rest.

Blade length just under 2.5″     Total length including rest coming up to 7″ approximately.

The Chunker is a modern concept, and is a true Stylists tool that it is all about the finish. This tool in skilled hands can make a dramatic difference to the Groom.

This Scissor is for Left Handed use only and for someone who successfully uses left handed Scissors – for more information call us on 01553 611380

This is the most amazing Chunker and I love it! This one is worth every penny as it is exceptional quality, and a great performer for the skilled professional. Ideal for competition work. However, Chunkers in general are being over sold by people who have no real understanding of how they work and what they do. So if you are in any doubt as to what this tool can do for you please call us for a chat or email any questions to as we only want to sell this product to people who really need it, and will love it just as it should be used and loved. Mike Says: This is an amazing and very specialist tool that need specialist care when sharpening and servicing. I love sharpening and servicing this model.