Geib Butter Cut Katana Blender 48T LEFTY


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KATANA – The Grooming Scissor that others aspire to be! The King of Butter Cut from the House of Geib.

This is an amazing Single Sided Blender Sporting 48 exceptionally deep fine teeth and coupled with a fine convex edge, this beauty was made for Professional Dog Groomers on a mission. A blender that we feel is worth that little bit extra as it is dramatic to use in every way. Great example of the true “Butter Cut” feel. A favorite tool of many Top Groomers and many aspiring groomers have this on their Want List!

Butter Cut have done it again! Another fabulous tool for the hardworking professionals. This is well balanced in the hand, with an effortless smooth easy action. Comfortable to use day in and day out and special enough for show and competition use. This amazing blender with give you a truly fantastic finish. The tension adjustment screw is in gilt. The well designed body has a polished look. Once in your hand you will feel the quality and appreciate the design.

Blade length 3″    Total length is a touch over the 7″ approximately – this includes the curvaceous finger rest.

The Katana range is for the skilled professional who invests in quality tools and looks after them. Presented in stylish protective case.

Designed for left handed use only  – If you are a Lefty and never have successfully used Left Handed Scissor please talk to us first – call 01553 611380 


The long awaited King of Blenders arrives in a Lefty! (Only suitable for Leftys that can use Lefty Scissors/Blenders of quality) I love selling this Scissor to Professionals that are ready to invest in something special that can make a dramatic difference to them as a Groomer. Mike Says: This is a fabulous Scissor that needs specialist care and serving which we do offer here in our workshop. Tips: Care for this as you would any good professional tool and use it for the purpose it is designed for. Always use on well prepared coats.