Geib Butter Cut Crab ‘Level-11’ Blender 48T LEFTY

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Geib Butter Cut Crab ‘Level-11’ Blender 48T LEFTY

Amazing Blender with 48 V Style Teeth coupled with a fine edge blade. Ultra smooth with an extremely easy action, due to its special pivot point. Distinctive Crab detail adjustable pivot screw and matching plastic finger inserts. Many people will love this as the cutting blade is on top – ‘European Style’ which many of you are so used to. Well balanced in the hand.

Blade length just over 3″    Total Scissor length including integral finger rest 8″

Designed for left handed use only  – If you are a Lefty and never have successfully used Left Handed Scissor please talk to us first – call 01553 611380 

I love this very functional, easy to use Blender. Robust and a true professionals tool, designed to be quite general purpose and for those on a mission! Mike Says: Professional Service and Sharpening required.