Roseline Scissor Set 3pcs LEFTY


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Roseline Lefty Scissor Set. Traditional German Scissors – Set of 3 Cased

1 x Roseline 82160 – LEFTY 6″ Straight scissor with micro serrated blade (Blade length 2.5″)

1 x Roseline 82151 – LEFTY Small Single Sided Thinning Scissor with 39 V Style Teeth

1 x Roseline 82155 – LEFTY 5″ Small detailing scissor with micro serrated blade (Blade length 2″)

All Ice Tempered Stainless Steel made in Germany by Traditional Craftsmen. Each Scissor has black plastic finger and thumb inserts and a screw in tang (finger rest). All cased in a magenta nylon easy clean hair proof case with black edging and furnishing.

This is a lovely low maintenance set for a student dog groomer, pet owner and is even perfect for a barber or hair stylist. Fabulous German quality made by traditional craftsmen. Low maintenance and great value for money – while stocks last!

Great value - great quality!