Ehaso Revolution 25cm LEFTY CURVE (11093)

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Ehaso Revolution Curve Flip Scissor – 25cm LEFTY

Generous curve, medium width extra long blade with a convex edge. A real stylists Scissor and ideal for Asian grooming and stylish curves. The Revolution gives a crisp beautiful finish in experienced hands, on well-prepared coats.

Hand made in quality Japanese Steel, this Scissor has an amazing feel of quality. It is so well built and balances beautifully in the hand. Short in shank with double tangs, making this Scissor easy to flip. The tangs are quite unique with a bone design, these are very comfortable and an integral part of the Scissor. The adjustable pivot screw is finished in a distinctive rainbow quartz effect.

Blade length is a whopping 5.5″   Total Scissor length from tip to tang approximately 10″ (with the curve in the blade) – Actual Scissor length without tangs is 9.25″

An Asian Stylists delight! Create the perfect Chrysanthemum look. Curve Poodle in all directions. Ideal for Big Billowy Heads. Amazing ‘Peachy Bums’. Stunning angulation. Puts some drama in to your groom and turn heads with this Revolution Curve!

This Scissor is suitable for Left Handed use only


This Scissor is for those that love Scissoring and love styling. If your groom is all about curvaceous lines and you need good length, then this is the Scissor for you. Beautiful clean crisp finish on well prepared coats. I love the balance, weight and the feel of this Scissor, the flip-ability just makes it even more of a pleasure to use and it is such great value! As this scissor is extra long careful handling and balance is essential for maximum results. Not everyone can wield such a long scissor, so this is certainly not for the faint hearted!