Centre Stage Thumbthing XS – Silver Sparkle

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Category: Scissor Inserts

The Thumbthing – From Centre Stage.

Size XS – Silver Sparkle

Extra padded insert for those with slender digits!

Very soft, pliable material, at least double the thickness of most standard inserts. This allows those with very small, slender thumbs to use scissors with a larger bow with more ease.

The hole on the Thumbthing is only half open – this unique design does not allow the thumb to go all the way through, giving greater comfort and control to those who need it.

Handmade in the UK

This size will only fit in very small bowed scissors. It is picured here in a Geib Butter Cut Cheetah Special Blender – which is specifically designed for tiny handed people.


Please Note: Thumbthings do not suit everyone – if you are unsure please speak to us first

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