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*Home Pet Kit (Small)


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*Home Pet Kit (Small)
*Home Pet Kit (Small) *Home Pet Kit (Small)

*Home Pet Kit (Small)

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Home kit for basic pet maintenance. Kit includes:

1 x Small 4" Bull Nose Utility Scissor

1 x Small Slicker Brush (3" x 2")

1 x Double Ended Comb

Small brush is easy to use to help remove debris from coat and remove tangles. Comb to check through the coat to help remove tangles and dead hair. Bullnose Scissor to remove excess hair from paws, around anus and trim up fringes.

Please Note: This is not instead of using a Professional Qualified Pet Groomer, this kit is to help you maintain your pet. Alwaystake advice from your groomer and keep in contact with them so they can support you throughout this time.

Please support your Groomer throughout this difficult time





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