The Mac by Alpha


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The Mac by Alpha
The Mac by Alpha The Mac by Alpha

The Mac by Alpha The Mac by Alpha


NEW and completely unique clipper blade cleaning tool. This revolutionary product assists with cleaning and maintaining blades in the salon. Designed to fit A5 style blades.

Good cleaning and maintenance of blades ensures a better finish for your work and saves you money on service and repairs

Holds the blade securely and assists you pushing the top blade just the right amount so you do not damage it. Allows surfaces to be sufficiently exposed to allow correct and thorough cleaning. Removes the risk of sliding the top cutter out. Easy to hold and easy to use. Quick and efficient

Supplied with small cleaning brush

Mandy Says: Just love this ingenious NEW gadget for easy blade cleaning in the salon designed by Ryan Macpherson of Alpha Blades

Mike Says: All Groomers need to take better care of blades and this impressive and easy to use tool makes blade care simple.



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