Ehaso 5" (13513)


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Ehaso 5\" (13513)
Ehaso 5\" (13513) Ehaso 5\" (13513)

Ehaso 5\" (13513) Ehaso 5\" (13513)

Ehaso 5\" (13513) Ehaso 5\" (13513)
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Ehaso Hundeschere Blade 5”

Produced in Solingen the European Scissor capital by traditional craftsmen in Carbon Steel to have a long life span and be a real workhorse.

Durable 2” straight blade with micro serration on one blade to grip and hold thick hair.

Traditional shape 5” especially good for hard work and detailing – Good for Barbering.

Practical, satin, stainless finish to this Scissor. Screw in removable tang. Purple comfort inserts included.


Mandy Says: This Scissor is perfect for professional dog groomers & Barbering. Anyone requiring a durable Scissor that will cut thick hair and grip as it cuts and shapes. Perfect for a hard working professional dealing with thick coats. Low maintenance Scissor for real hard work.

Designed for right handed use


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