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TSB SaFire

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TSB SaFire
TSB SaFire TSB SaFire

TSB SaFire TSB SaFire

TSB SaFire TSB SaFire
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Specialist Scissor from The Scissor Boutique Collection - The SaFire is beautifully designed in every way!

Delightful shape that fits the hand well, offset shaped shank that is short and compact. Comfortable to hold with smooth easy action. The blade has a good weight to and it is slightly wider and thicker especially for efficient on thicker hair. Fine convex edge that is ultra sharp and efficient.

Stunning Diamante studded pivot point detail with shades of blue and pink makes The SaFire one to be noticed. You can feel the quality as you balance this beauty perfectly in your hand. Pink plastic finger and thumb inserts included.

Just over 6.5" total length including the curvaceous finger rest, with a blade that is just over the 2.25".

Presented to you in a Scissor Boutique Zip case for ultimate protection.


Mandy Says: This is a great universal product for Hairdressing, Barbering and Dog Grooming. Ideal for Dry Cutting as the blade has the ability to do this precisely with ease. Perfect for finishing and carving for Dog Groomers. Delightful to use. Beautiful to look at. Fabulous quality and affordable.

Mike Says: This is a gorgeous Scissor and I love to sharpen this model as it requires skill and true craftsmanship to keep this beauty performing.


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