Roseline 82575


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Roseline 82575
Roseline 82575 Roseline 82575

Roseline 82575 Roseline 82575

Roseline 82575 Roseline 82575
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Roseline 82575 - Ice Tempered Stainless

Manufactured by skilled craftsmen using generations of knowledge right in the heart of The European Scissor making capital, Solingen. The Family Witte use traditional skills and family values to offer professionals Scissors that are renowned for quality, value and durability.

This scissor has micro serration for added durability and is a traditional text book shape. Satin finish with classic black finger and thumb inserts, and screw in finger rest. It also sports a super fine point!

A trusted professional salon scissor with a positive feel, able to cut through thicker hair with ease. This scissor is ideal for feet and other smaller, more intricate areas.

Blade length 2.5" Scissor length 5.75" (Approximately 6.5" including the screw in finger rest)


Mandy Says: It is essential to have a small scissor in your kit, especially for feet. This is an absolute classic, in shape and size and is simply perfect for all those small jobs. A hardworking, durable, and extremely reliable little scissor - and at a really fabulous price too!

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