Roseline 88080


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Roseline 88080
Roseline 88080 Roseline 88080

Roseline 88080 Roseline 88080

Roseline 88080 Roseline 88080
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House of Roseline presents a Professional Scissor with great durability

Wide blade Scissor with Micro Serrated blade for added durability, making this a favourite for those needing a real workhorse.

Generous sized finger holes suitable for the larger hand. Comes complete with removable comfort rubber finger and thumb inserts.

Blade length nearly 4" Total Scissor measures 8" (8.5" if you include the integral finger rest)

Manufactured in Germany by true craftsmen with generations of experience in Scissor Manufacturing in the Scissor capital Solingen.

Presented in plastic clam shell packaging which is very protective storage.


Mandy says: Perfect for those that look for a tough Scissor and those that like to feel the Scissors durable qualities. Perfect for Doodle type coats and for taking off bulk. This scissor cuts through thick coats with great ease.

Mike says: Hard wearing and reliable for those who just need to cut!

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