Yento 8" (403)

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Yento 8\" (403)
Yento 8\" (403) Yento 8\" (403)

Yento 8\" (403) Yento 8\" (403)

Yento 8\" (403) Yento 8\" (403)
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A stylish taste of Japan the Yento 403 is a fine finishing Scissor with an exquisite convex edge.  Well balanced with a smooth action designed for the experienced operator as specific fine finishing Scissor. Perfect for competition or exhibition work, great on well prepared coats. A favourite with many Poodle and Bichon specialists.

Lush long blade (approximately just over the 4") highly polished on a delightfully shaped short shank that is designed to fit the hand. Generous tension adjustment screw, comfortable integral finger rest. Total approximate length 8.25" including finger rest.

Weight is approximately 80 Grams.

Presented in Embroidered, well padded Scissor Boutique case with Zip.

Mandy Says: Great value finishing Scissor, well presented and ideal for the discerning professional.

Mike Says: This Scissor needs careful professional sharpening and servicing due to the nature of the fine convex edge.

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