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Joewell 75

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Joewell 75
Joewell 75 Joewell 75

Joewell 75 Joewell 75

Joewell 75 Joewell 75
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*This is the very last one of this amazing scissor. Once its gone, its gone forever*

Pure Japanese finishing scissor from Joewell - hand crafted in a traditional method with top quality Japanese steel by masters in this field.

Traditionally shaped finishing scissor with long elegant blade, 3.75" in length. High polish finish, extremely lightweight with a smooth, effortless, silent action.

Actual scissor length 7.5" - Total Length including screw in finger rest 8"

Presented in a beautiful wooden case with a crushed velvet lining.


Mandy Says: This scissor is the epitomy of refinement - and super light in weight at only 53g. A true purebred Japanese special purpose scissor for the finest of finishing work. Perfect for those who excel in the craft of scissoring and who desire complete perfection.



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