Ehaso V-1-2000


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Ehaso V-1-2000
Ehaso V-1-2000 Ehaso V-1-2000

Ehaso V-1-2000 Ehaso V-1-2000

Ehaso V-1-2000 Ehaso V-1-2000
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Ehaso V-1-2000

Produced in Solingen, the European Scissor capital by traditional craftsmen. Fashioned from Carbon Steel to have a long life span and be a real workhorse.

Durable long blade 4.5" in length with micro serration on one blade to grip and hold thick hair.

Ergonomically shaped, short shank.

Actual scissor length 8"  Total length including the screw in finger rest 8.5"

Practical, satin, stainless finish to this Scissor. Plastic comfort inserts. Screw in removable tang.


Mandy Says: This Scissor is perfect for professional dog groomers that require a durable Scissor that will cut thick hair and grip as it cuts and shapes. Perfect for a hard working professional dealing with thick coats. This scissor is unusual in the fact that the shank is short and the blade is so very long. Comfortable to hold as the shank is shaped, the action is easy and smooth. This is a really nice, practical scissor with added durability.


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