Specialised Scissor Selector Service

Colour coding system designed by THE SCISSOR BOUTIQUE for a quick, easy, visual way to select Scissors that are suitable for the correct use and compatibility of the operator. 

Each colour relates to the way you work, the type of scissor, your expectation of the products and the ideal use of the scissor. By relating to these colours and using them this copyrighted SCISSOR SELECTOR SYSTEM can aid you to choose the correct product for you and for the right application. This is a guide in general terms; if you have a more unusual and individual requirement due to cutting a specific hair or coat type, or any other use, then you may require more information. If you have any hand or wrist problems that affect the way you hold or use the scissors, or you lack experience or knowledge, or just need a little help then we are happy to discuss your individual needs. Telephone: 01553 611380 or email mandy@thescissorboutique.co.uk for more information.
Gorgeous Green
Green is pretty much for GO. These Scissors are very robust and suitable for anyone starting out in Dog Grooming or Hairdressing. Due to the nature of these products they are less likely to damage with ease if you lack experience. They are ideal for cutting the block. Excellent for carrying out exercises to improve scissor techniques. I would say they are trusty reliable Scissors that will cut bulk hair and coat and keep the edge while doing so. They have a robust edge that will deal with the thickness of hair and heavier handed users. Most of these will have micro serration or a type of corrugation on one of the blades. Some models may have a little more weight to them for strength and hard work. Manufactured by traditional methods “Championed” by the best of the European Scissor manufacturers. Tough materials that are and designed to last the course and be user friendly for beginners, hobbyists and the demands of the hardworking Professional. Ideal for students as these are cost effective and great for everyday use. Many hard working professionals will choose these tools for and real long term performance and durability.
Lemon Lush
Professional Scissors suitable for those who are prepared to invest a little more and have had some training and do have basic knowledge of scissors and how to care for them. Correct use and scissors skills will be required as the edge is likely to be more refined and more precise. Greater discipline required from the user as the scissor will require good scissor action and greater care for the user to be satisfied in the long-term. Basic rules for care and more respect for these tools required.

See our scissor care information page for more details.
Orange Zest
Specialist scissors for professionals and those who strive for perfection, the edge is likely to be finer therefore good skill and discipline are a must from the user for long-term satisfaction. Be prepared to invest a little more in this section of Scissors as it can make a real difference to your work. This will be noted especially when they are carefully chosen for a specific need and tailored to suit the individual’s requirements. This category of scissors can help a trained operator attain better results in less time. Are you ready for this? If you are not sure lets us help you by explaining more call 01553 611380
Purple Passion
These are for those with advanced training and specialist skills. A greater understanding of scissors and their use is required and you must be prepared to invest in tools of the trade and use them by the book. By the time you look here you are on a mission and have great enthusiasm for your work. You know what you want to create and you have the skills to complete the mission. It is likely that you see your work as an art form and that is why you will give the extra to stand out from the crowd. Some of these items are the luxury tools that you may not actually need but you want as these will make a real difference to your finish. Let us help you by explaining more call 01553 611380

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