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The Scissor Boutique is a specialist company supplying Scissor and Services to Professionals in the Beauty Industry.

This website is designed for Trade supplies to those trained in the profession, students learning the enthusiasts interested in more specialist equipment and a very specific service.
You can order from us using the following methods:
    Online – www.thescissorboutique.co.uk
    Email – info@thescissorboutique.co.uk
    Telephone – 01553 611380
    By Mail Order – The Scissor Boutique - 311 Wootton Road - Kings Lynn – Norfolk - PE30 3AX – United Kingdom
    At Events – See chosen events online at www.thescissorboutique.co.uk
    Make an appointment by calling 01553 611380
You can pay us

    Secure Card payment online – www.thescissorboutique.co.uk
    With a major Credit or Debit Card by telephone or in person
    By Cash at an event or in person – please do not send cash by post as this is not acceptable.

Measurements and specifications are given with care and in good faith. Any measurements should be taken as approximate and these may be subject to change without prior notice as manufacturers can make changes to any model at any given time. Due to circumstances beyond our control notification may not be given. Some manufacturers include the finger rest in the measurement and some do not as that finger rest may be removable, if clarification is needed on any measurement or detail please contact us.

Specifications can change from one batch to another due to the products being made or finished by skilled craftsmen. This gives each piece individuality. These specifications are minor but and may not be noticeable to some individuals. This could relate to the actual size, shape, colour, edge, metal type, finish, finger rest etc. If you feel you need more detail on the individual item you are purchasing please ask we are happy to discuss each piece in greater detail. 

Descriptions such as Silver, Gold, Chrome, Plasma, Titanium etc., refer to the colour or finish only, not the material that the items are crafted in.

Goods are described as accurately as possible, however specifications can change from one batch to another. As each piece may have been made/finished by skilled craftsmen. A high standard of quality control is in place as our manufacturers have been carefully chosen for the quality of the products so items will have been check and double checked.

Owing to the type of goods and the processes of creating many of these products may have marks or colour variations on them.  These will give the product a distinct individual look or feel which we say is akin to the markings in the best raw silk. To some these marks may be seen as imperfections to others it is the assurance of traditional workmanship. These markings will not effect the workings or life span of the product in anyway what so every. Most of these products have been finished by hand, checked and tested by more than one process before they reach you the customer. Each item is individual and often unique in one small way or another, this should be accepted as the nature of the product.

Each item will be checked and packed, lubricants are often present on the blades or in the screws for the protection of the product. Sometimes these lubricants can be seen and may not always be clear. These lubricants may also attract colouration and loose particles from the case or packing in transit. If this should happen please just remove with a tissue and re lubricate ready for use. This should be accepted as standard practice.

All illustrations are the property of The Scissor Boutique and must not be reproduced without the written permission of The Scissor Boutique.

Prices and Delivery Charges: Prices are listed for goods, services and delivery on our website and these are generally correct, however if that some reason an error should occur you will be notified. You will be given the opportunity to cancel, change, or continue with the order at the correct or current price. In the unlikely event that we are unable supply goods at the price shown we will inform you. If payment has been made you will be refunded without delay.

Delivery is by DPD Interlink Express and will be prompt – however if you have not received your package in the UK within 7 days or for outside the UK within 21 days please email or telephone us so we can track and trace. Whilst every effort will be made to meet delivery times/dates, we do not accept liability for the consequences of any delays for any goods or services.

Returns if you should need to return your order please notify us within 3 working days and return in the correct case/packaging and in the condition in which it was received. State the reason clearly for the return of the goods.  This should be done within 7 working days of receiving the order.

Exchanges if you should need to please call 01553 611380 to discuss the options available.

Refunds will be processed in the same manner as the payment unless otherwise stated and the refund will be processed within 14 working days of receipt of returned goods whilst they are in the condition as new with packaging. This does not apply to services supplied by The Scissor Boutique. If the packaging is not in the condition you would expect then please do not sign for the package as being in perfect condition.

Collection of goods and service can be arranged by appointment. To book an appointment please call 01553 611380

Stock and availability of goods we endeavour to hold a good selection and a vast amount of stock to accommodate demand. However some items are not available all of the time or are only available selected periods as special editions. If you are looking for something particular and cannot see it one the site or it is appearing out of stock please call or email us to check or find a suitable alternative.

Help and advice is always available to our clients – we want to help you to select the right products for the right purpose. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Sharpening and repairs see this section of the website for more details.

Our aim is to please, building good long term relationship to supply quality goods and superior service to professionals that enhance the natural beauty of man, woman and their best friends (dog).

We are sorry we do not offer Credit Accounts



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